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No student can be college-ready without good study skills.

College readiness is more than what students know — it’s about how they learn. Studies conducted by both ACT and Achieve confirm that work habits and study skills top the area in which students are least prepared for the demands of postsecondary work. To be successful, students must learn how to learn.

The 21st Century Student’s Guide to Study Skills has 28 classroom-ready lessons for teaching the essential skills and strategies to master the Art of Learning, including how (and why) to be a metacognitive student, memory and recall strategies, learning & intelligence styles, pre-learning strategies, active learning, Cornell and Matrix notes, time-spaced learning, test-taking skills and strategies, and much more...

Available in print and digital.

Instructor’s Guide  $71.95; 370 pages; spiral bind; b&w interior. ISBN 978-0-9836906-0

Student Text  $16.95; 280 pages; spiral bind; b&w interior. ISBN  978-0-9736906-0-3