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The 21st Century Student's Guide to Study Skills (Student Workbook)

The 21st Century Student’s Guide to Study Skills (Student Workbook)

ISBN 978-0-9836906-0-3 284 pages Spiral bind; Black & white interior.


What it’s about

College readiness is far more than what students know — it’s about how they learn. To prepare for the academic demands of middle school, high school, college and beyond, students must develop productive learning skills and strategies for the three stages of learning: the acquisition, retention, and demonstration of knowledge.

What students will learn

The 21st Century Student’s Guide to Study Skills has 28 chapters covering essential skills and strategies for deeper and more meaningful learning, including how (and why) to be a metacognitive student, memory and recall, learning & intelligence styles, pre-learning strategies, active learning, active reading, active listening, Cornell and Matrix notes, mnemonics, time-spaced learning, test-taking skills and strategies, the challenges of distance learning, critical thinking, information literacy… and much more!

What’s included

28 chapters include everything a student needs for learning good study skills, including worksheets, practice activities and assessments. But just because our goals are serious doesn’t mean students can’t have a little fun. Comics and characters and enjoyable activities, bring study skills to life and making learn these important skills a breeze!’

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